2014 EVENTS:

Art Exhibits

Faith Community Activities


Film: Thin Ice


Networking and Resource Sharing Event

Peace Picture 2014

Science While Sipping


Welcome the Whales!

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If you would like flyers to post, please contact marian@goosefoot.org


Whidbey’s Earth and Ocean Month is organized by representatives from:

Citizens Climate Lobby–Whidbey Chapter, Goosefoot, Orca Network, Service, Education & Adventure (SEA), South Widbey Tilth, Whidbey ECO Network, and WSU Extension/Island County.


We would like to thank our sponsors and partners for their help in making Whidbey Earth & Ocean Month possible!


Puget Sound Starts Here raises awareness that Puget Sound is in trouble due to a variety of pollution sources, and empowers residents to make a difference through simple actions and local volunteer opportunities. Learn more about the bounty of Puget Sound and how you can help protect it.


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2014 Whidbey Earth & Ocean Month Flyer


Download the 2014 Whidbey Earth & Ocean Month Flyer right here!