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Climate Science: The Interrelationship of it All by Dr. Randall Berthold

  • Bayview Hall 5642 Bayview Road Langley, WA, 98260 United States (map)

Keynote presentation of Whidbey Earth Day Festival!

The interrelationship of all earth systems must be studied as a whole to understand the impacts and mechanisms of climate change. Scientists no longer conduct research within only one discipline. For the geologist to understand coastal inundation, for oceanographers to understand ocean acidification and oxygen depletion zones, for biologists to understand ecosystem collapse and biological adaption they need to collaborate with each other and with those studying “ice”.  The role and impact of retreating polar ice caps and glaciers is a fundamental element. With out understanding the impact of less ice on solar reflectivity and the release of sequestered carbon it is impossible to understand changing sea surface temperatures and their affects on ocean circulation and weather patterns.

For over 25 years Dr. Berthold managed climate research projects for NASA. He was responsible for all field operations and data collection conducted for funded scientists from a broad range of disciplines, in diverse extreme environments all over the world. To enable the research parallel efforts were required for the development of new and emerging technologies and instrumentation. 

Studies ranged from the mapping of gases and aerosols emitted by volcanos, identifying the impacts of climate change in coastal ecosystems across the Pacific and Caribbean, profiling and baselining Arctic sea ice, to the exploration of the ecosystems of high-altitude summit lakes in the Andes to understand microbial life’s adaptation to challenging environments.